Solar Power Installations can drastically reduce your dependancy on Eskom and keep your business running even trough periods of heavy load shedding. Solar Power Installations are now even more affordable with a 100% Section 12 B tax deduction in year one. South Africa is ideal for Solar Power as an alternative clean sustainable power source due to the abundance of sunlight trought the year.

You will start saving money from day one after the project has been commissioned.

Our Solar Power Systems offered include Grid Tie Solar Power Systems , Hybrid Solar Power Systems as well as Off Grid Solar Power Systems.

Eskom's continued unreliable electricity over the past year and the lack of will to change the real problems makes going off the grid fully or partially trough a Solar Power System very attractive. 

One can reasonably expect that labour unions will continue to push annual above inflation increases for employees and that the lack of planned maintenance will result in the cost of Electricity in South Africa to keep going trough the roof, unless your roof is of course covered with Solar Panels.

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